A 18kt Gold and Platinum pendant hung from an 18” spiga style chain.

The pendant is free moving but unable to come off of the chain making it a complete piece of neckwear. The opal is rub set on three sides and sits on two separated platinum bars allowing the back of the stone to be seen. There is a slightly lowered platinum bar which is in line with the edge of the stone, this in turn stops the stone from sliding out of the top of the setting. The platinum bar is grain set with 6*1mm Tsavorites and four Brilliant Cut Diamonds with two uneven spaces. I have set the stones in this manor to reflect the randomness of the colour palette of naturally occurring opal.

The Boulder Opal is 20.6 x9.5 x 4.6mm. weighs 8.72ct.

Diamond weight .04ct

The Opal colour banding has a beautiful waves of blue, green and sprinkles of red going across the stone, with a couple of bands breaking the colour giving a depth and sense of journey across the stone. It feels to me like the stone has told a story and therefore wanted to set it as a frame picture. 

Boulder Opal Pendant