Jewels of Queensland is a jewellery brand that is born in Australia and made in Britain. Our jewellery celebrates the vibrant natural gemstones from Central Queensland, one of Australia’s most diverse and beautiful regions.

We guarantee that all the gemstones used in our collections are ethically mined. Our mining partners have a clear respect for the natural environment and comply with Queensland Government mining laws and regulations relating to the extraction of material and reclamation of mined lands.


All of our jewellery collection pieces are manufactured in either yellow, white or rose Fairtrade Gold. Most is 9kt gold whilst higher end pieces use 18kt gold.

We use Fairtrade Gold as it makes a real difference to the lives of small-scale, artisanal miners, their families and communities. Each piece of our jewellery has the Fairtrade Gold hallmark verifying its Fairtrade compliance.


We understand the purchase of fine jewellery is a personal and intimate decision. We also understand that buying jewellery on-line is a relatively new concept.

To ease these concerns we are available for consultations using Whatsapp to send additional images and videos of the piece/s you might be interested in. With our personal approach, we can more fully explain the unique metal and the gemstone traceability characteristics

In addition, you might see two rings that you could imagine as a stacking set.  It would be a simple request by you to us to request that the pieces be displayed as a stacking set. Or you might want to see the piece under different magnification or lighting on even perhaps modeled on a finger or around a neck.

We are more than happy to show you these options, without any obligation whatsoever.

Simply contact us on the website chat or send an email to the below address.


Payment choices when purchasing are not limited to the checkout options. Depending on the country you are located in we can make arrangements for a bank to bank transfers and other payment options like Zelle in the USA or even forward a cheque to our address. All this entails is reaching out to us to explore the various options available.

The purchase of one of our Jewels of Queensland jewellery items is a personal experience and we would love you to make contact directly with us to have a conversation about your item/s of interest. The best way to initiate this is to email me directly or send a chat message to me. We can then move forward from there.