Jewels of Queensland is a brand of fine jewellery using ethically sourced, precious gemstones from Central Queensland, Australia that are set in Fairtrade Gold.
Our gemstones are sourced from our mining partners that we’ve been working with for many years. We only use Registered Fairtrade gold to create wearable, beautiful fine jewellery that brings colour and life to every jewellery piece.
Each of our pieces is unique in that only one gemstone of the chape/colour and size will ever be available. 
Our piece settings are based on popular designs however each of our pieces is unique in that only one gemstone of that particular size, shape and coloue hue will event be produced.


The Sapphire Collection

Beautiful gemstones that come in a range of colours, from light to deep blue, crisp golds and yellows and greens as well as the unique multi-colour stones, which are unique ‘one of a kind’ gemstones. 
The region that sapphires are mined from is harsh and dry and the mining conditions here can be pretty difficult and challenging.
Jewels of Queensland guarantees the authenticity and natural origins of each jewellery item in the collection.

The Boulder Opal Collection

Opal is probably Australia’s best-known gemstone.
Boulder Opal is mined in far Western Queensland in some of the dryest conditions known in a remote part of the state that few people ever get to visit.
We use this extraordinary gemstone sparingly in our limited editions as high-quality Boulder Opals are rare.
The miners who live in this region have real grit and determination and they’ve grown to love this region and its brutal beauty.

The Zircon Collection

Our Zircon is found in the same areas as the sapphires. Zircon is one of the oldest gemstones on earth dating back up to 4 billion years.
The colour range is similar to diamonds, from white to yellow, champagne and cinnamon to a rich chocolatey brown.
As a result of its chemistry and gemmological properties, Zircon has radiance and sparkle of incomparable beauty.

None of the gemstones used in our collections are treated by heat or other chemicals to enhance their colour – what you see is absolutely and completely natural.