Jewels of Queensland is a brand of fine jewellery using ethically sourced, precious gemstones from Central Queensland, Australia set in Fairtrade Gold.
All of our gemstones are sourced from our mining partners that we’ve been working with for many years. We only use Fairtrade Gold to create wearable, beautiful fine jewellery that brings colour and life to every jewellery piece.
Each of our pieces is unique in that only one gemstone of its colour and size will ever be available. 
Our piece settings are based on timeless designs with a focus on the unique precious gemstones used.
Our jewellery will always have inherent value and in many cases achieve heirloom status. It is jewellery made to keep for a lifetime. Our selective use of gold and precious gemstones assures the inherent value of the piece and the passing from generation to generation.

Central Queensland Sapphires set in Fairtrade Gold

Beautiful natural unheated sapphires that come in a range of colours, from light to deep blue, crisp golds and yellows and greens as well as the unique multi-colour stones, which are unique ‘one of a kind’ gemstones. 

Our Sapphire rings make the perfect engagement ring. 

A piece that will last a lifetime and maintain its intrinsic value.

Our Sapphire pendants are pieces of fine jewellery that will be loved for a lifetime. Suitable for that first gift of precious jewellery knowing its value will be maintained over the years.

Jewels of Queensland guarantees the authenticity and natural origins of each jewellery item in the collection.


None of the gemstones used in our collections are treated by heat or other chemicals to enhance their colour – what you see is absolutely and completely natural.